Maintaining Effective Communication with Your Partner

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Communication is perhaps one of the most important aspects to any relationship, enabling a growing and strengthening bond between the two partners. In order to maintain great communication that is beneficial to the relationship, both members must proactively pursue this connection. Following are some ideas for ways to maintain effective communication with your partner:

1. Make a conscious effort to open up regular conversations about each other’s thoughts and feelings, whether just in general or in response to a specific issue. Refrain from making fun of the other person, and try to support them in their confessions and explanations.

This continued exercise of supporting the other’s feelings is necessary to remain actively involved in each other’s lives. If there is no support available, communication will thus break down. To ensure they understand you heard what they said, reaffirm it and acknowledge their right to feel this way.

2. When differences of opinion arise, talk it out. It’s impossible to always get along, and is totally natural for humans to experience some sort of conflict at some point. The real difference is seen when these differences are discussed and each partner is able to fairly assess the situation and compromise on a decision.

3. The skill of actually listening is more important in communication than that of expressing yourself. Refusing to interrupt or let your thoughts wander, maintaining eye contact so they know you are listening, and repeating what they said (not word for word!) will affirm you were listening, and this instills confidence and the ability to open up even more.

4. Always work on building trust in the relationship, and always maintain 100% honesty with your partner. Telling the truth about everything from your feelings to where you’re going with the girls later will only strengthen your bond and prevent heartache later.

5. Always take any issue your partner brings up seriously. Don’t assume it’s insignificant, and don’t make them feel as if it is. Make them feel that no matter how small, a concern for them is important to you and you need to work some solution out to make them feel better about it.

6. Always maintain a positive attitude about your partner and with him or her. If you approach conversations with a negative attitude, they are likely to stop communicating, and the relationship will stop growing.

7. Never, ever, keep your feelings bottled up inside. This only leads to a blowout later on over something very miniscule and unrelated to whatever it is that upset you in the first place. If you are feeling even the slightest bit irritated, neglected, taken advantage of, or mistreated, let your partner know immediately. Often, they don’t even realize that their actions have this effect on you, and will appreciate you communicating your feelings with them.
Always keep the lines of communication open in your relationship, and it will be destined to strengthen and last for many years to come. Make it a regular practice to implement these points into your daily life, and you’ll reap many benefits from the improved health of your relationship.

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