Do You Know What Women Really Want From Their Husbands?

April 12, 2009 by  
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Some guys are under the impression that women are only truly happy when they are spoiled with lots of gifts, boxfuls of chocolates and other delights. While they are very nice and appreciated, it is not what a wife really needs to be happy in their relationship.

Unbelievably it is not a new car or a gorgeous bracelet that will complete a girl. The fact is, what she really wants and needs doesn’t cost a dime and cannot be located in a shopping mall. What a girl wants from the husband she loves dearly, is his time. Is that all? I hear you cry. Well, it is actually probably a little easier said than done.

Before you know it, your life is taken up with too many hours at work and the travelling required, the kids, family obligations and time just for you and your spouse has become a thing of the past. A perfunctory goodnight kiss and off to catch some precious zzz’s before another busy day begins.

If you have kids, you will know how much time they require. As they grow, so do the activities they are involved in and you are the all important chauffeur to get them to their dance classes, swimming team and heaven knows what else. The time spent with your other half is to quickly sort out who is going to drive the kids that day and other mundane basics.

When, you finally get some “me time”, the husband more often than not will want to tend to his hobbies and have an afternoon fishing or working on his car. Feeling a little bad, he may make up for it by giving his wife some cash to go and treat herself. However, she just wants some of his time. That is priceless and can’t be purchased on that shopping trip.

There is nothing more disheartening for a woman than when she feels that she is no longer his obsession, the most important thing in his life. She doesn’t need constant reassurance or every minute of his time but enough to know that she is the centre of his world. That nothing has changed from when they were first in the throes of love.

The chances are, he thinks he is being the perfect husband by fixing items in the house and making sure she is provided for, and while that is great, it doesn’t unfortunately give her what she desperately desires. In this case she needs to let him know how she feels, gently and in a way in which he will understand and be only too willing to oblige.

You see, men may not necessarily comprehend just the words “I need more time, just the two of us”. Let him know that you want to do fun things together like the old days and enjoy each others’ company. Giving details of what you can do rather than generically asking for his time, will create better results.

Allowing for one night in the week to spend time alone is enough. Try to incorporate something fun and exciting so this will be a time to look forward to and be thoroughly enjoyed by both. Eventually, this will become a habit – but a good habit, that will heighten your relationship and give her what she really wants.

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