An Insight Into What Men Really Want From Their Wives

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In general, men are hunters and will do everything in their power to be successful in their quest. No matter how unachievable their ideal woman appears to be, he will put his all into attaining her affections.

Men like to feel that they have been a success no matter how small the conquest. With a very competitive streak, they have an inbuilt desire too win and know that they are capable of providing.

This is where the wives come in. Obviously it would not be healthy for wives to bow to everything her husband says and never disagree on anything. However, they can make their husbands feel like a winner.

A wife can build a man’s confidence by having faith in him and letting him know that. She believes in him and also make this visible to others in their company. Men feel good when their friends know that he is your hero.

Many woman mistake a mans need for space, in the early days of a relationship, as disinterest. Women can tend to be more tactile and want to spend lazy days just cuddling and kissing. There comes a point when a man just wants to get away with the lads for a game of soccer or anything else that will give him some space.

Make sure to give him this space and he will love you all the more for it. He will always need his time with the guys for a game of pool or a night in with the latest computer game. He will think he has won the jackpot and you will reap the benefits.

Don’t forget that you are friends too, not just lovers. Let him know that he can confide in you with anything and that you will be there for him. Keep this part of your relationship well attended to and you will have a solid foundation.

Although, the physical side of the relationship needs much attention, it is not the be all and end all. Yes it is high priority for a man but so is the friendship side of things.

Let your guy know that you want to make an effort for him. This doesn’t mean you have to look fantastic at all times, but the fact that you hold him in enough regard to put in the effort to look good will not be lost on him. He loves you anyway but this will keep the spice alive and he will want to look good for you too.

Be giving and you will receive. Don’t wait until he makes an effort, keep him feeling wanted and supported and you will find that you naturally get what you need too.

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