Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

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Most cheaters will do everything in their power to disguise what they’re up to, but it is inevitable that a few clues slip through the cracks. Partners suspecting cheating can look out for a few common signs that cheating is occurring, which will help determine how to approach the subject and handle it with their spouse.

First, watch for changes in habits and behavior. Suddenly having to work late all the time when they never have in the past is an example of drastic behavior changes that should be paid attention to. If they claim they’re meeting friends but come home later than usual or not at all, this is also a sign they may be up to no good.

If this describes your situation and you want to check to see if he or she is where they say they are, simply call the office or drop by their favorite watering hole. If they are not where they say they are, and you don’t get an answer on the cell phone, an immediate explanation is probably due to you.

Also pay attention when your partner suddenly takes an unusual interest in their appearance and physical shape. If a new wardrobe is purchased or fancy underwear, it might be worth asking why.

Joining the gym suddenly and constantly worrying about their looks is a huge red flag. Why the sudden interest in looking great? If they are truly happy at home, a change like this would most likely involve their partner in it, or at least an invitation to do so.

Most cheaters feel guilty at some point, and will try to compensate by bringing you gifts and treating you extra special. Gifts, flowers, fancy dinners and other splurges may be a clue that they feel guilty and are trying to make up for it before you find out.

If former complaints disappear, such as how much money you spend on clothes or your vehicle, there is a reason your partner could care less. Reduction in the frequency or discussions of intimate acts could also be a clue they are cheating.

These signs definitely tell you that there is something taking up time and energy outside of your relationship, and suspicions of cheating may well be warranted. Most old habits die hard, and it can be difficult to understand why they would change so suddenly and drastically.

If you notice any of these signs in your relationship, talk to your partner about what’s going on. Opening the lines of communication can help you to address the problem and any underlying issues without undue heated arguments.

You may in fact discover that the new interests outside of the relationship aren’t another man or woman at all. Perhaps your partner is simply feeling neglected or feels ashamed telling you about a new hobby or interest they have.

This is why communication is so important in any relationship. You deserve to know the truth, so if you find that your partner is being dishonest, by all means approach them with the matter and try to find out why. If it turns out that cheating is the reason, it will be up to you to decide whether you can forgive or will move on.

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