Understanding Speed Dating

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If you’re the type that prefers several dates in one evening, speed dating may be the ideal solution for you. Just as it sounds, speed dating is aimed toward meeting as many people as possible in mere minutes. There are several speed dating clubs that host these events, and are great ways to meet interesting people that you may want to connect with in the future.

The entire idea behind speed dating is that first impressions are the most important you could ever have about someone. As a professional single, you can attend one of these events looking and feeling your best, without needing to entertain those you meet for a long period of time. These mini-dates are very structured, and last for somewhere between 3 to 6 minutes.

During these few minutes, you and the person you’ve been paired with should exchange as much information possible about each other, and take notes about your interest level in pursuing something more in the future. At the end of the time period, a buzzer sounds and members switch to repeat this process with every person present at the speed dating session.

When you register for a speed dating event, you’ll be given a nametag that will list a number and your first name, in addition to a card to record any notes you please about the people you’ll be meeting. You’ll also be given a few seconds between meetings to write down any notes to yourself or your level of interest in them.

It’s quite possible that a speed dating event may result in meeting 25 to 30 different people, so it’s important to keep record of their names, assigned numbers and your feelings toward them in general. Due to the sheer number of people you’ll be meeting, you will most likely find at least one person there that you’re interested in.

The main advantage that speed dating has over online dating is the fact that you’ll be able to actually meet the person initially. You don’t need to rely on a photo that may be a fake, as well as witness how they operate under stressful situations. Anyone can seem interesting in writings that they have plenty of time to think about, but you need to know if you’re interested in them in person, too.

Unfortunately, though speed dating is very popular today, most clubs only exist within major cities. So, if you live in a suburban area you will likely have to travel some distance to take advantage of these opportunities. You’ll also find that there are fewer possibilities to choose from at a speed dating event than there are online.

Of course, combining speed dating with your online dating experience is a great way to brush up your skills and keep the entire process a little more interesting. You never know where your next match will come from, so you might as well have fun while you’re looking! If you want to try speed dating in your area, perform a simple Internet search and visit the websites of several local or nearby clubs and sign up for their next event.

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