Tips for Sending the First Email

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If you’re a member of an online dating site and have taken care to represent yourself fairly in your profile, you have probably also looked at hundreds of photos to determine which one is the best representation of you. Some online daters believe these beginning stages are the hardest in preparing for an online date; others believe the hard part is just beginning.

Sometimes, when you first notice you have email messages from other online daters interested in talking to you, this can be a scary situation for you. Just remember to stay calm and read through these requests carefully; there’s no rule stating you must reply if you’re absolutely not interested, but those you do write should be considered carefully.

You don’t want to give the wrong impression with your first email, so this is an important step. Make sure you’ve taken the time to examine the other person’s profile to see what types of things the two of you have in common. Remember, this is a pain-free process; at least you’re not stuck out on the town on an endless, boring date!

Of course, you should also remember to remain yourself in your communications with others. If you happen to say just the wrong thing and they never write back, don’t worry about it. Online dating is simply a selection process, and not every contact will be interesting or interested in you. Just remember you’ll have to keep repeating your efforts until you come across a mutually enjoyable relationship.

There are some specific things you should include in your initial email message to help you make a successful connection. Most of this will be determined by delivery of the message. Traditionally, two people meet in person for the first time, and this gives an opportunity to read body language and determine whether you’re physically attracted to the person. You always notice if they maintain eye contact, how close they sit next to you, how they wear their hair, and what their laugh sounds like. Of course, all of these things lead to determining whether there is any real chemistry between the two of you or not.

Flirting is a great skill that is used to interest others in person, but takes work to be good at. You need to be able to flirt while online dating so that the other person wants to continue communicating and move on. Of course, you can’t flirt through traditional body language, so you must write the correct thing in just the right way.

Some online daters are nervous about what to write about. This isn’t a difficult decision. Simply choose a subject that the other party mentioned in his or her email, and be sure to answer any and all questions that were asked of you. This will help to break the ice, as will writing about something the two of you have in common – simply look on their profile to find this information!

A brief email at this point is quite easy and more than enough to determine whether the communication between the two of you will advance. Always remember to end your email with a question, too, so that you have a better chance of receiving a reply in the future!

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