Things to Avoid When Online Dating

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Dating online can be a scary thing at first, but there are a few things you must keep in mind to ensure your experience isn’t one of total failure. Unfortunately, a common mistake is to be shy and hide behind their computer screen. This will get you no further than shyness does in ‘real world’ dating, as you are already communicating electronically. You have to figure out how to become more outgoing in your online communications to prevent failure when dating online.

Being a passive dater is also not a great characteristic that will result in dating failure. This means that you still aren’t committed to dating online, and you don’t take it very seriously. Usually, a passive dater will only use free sites and refuse to invest money in online dating because they are lazy or indecisive. It’s best to make every effort to become an active dater when you’re involved in online dating to maintain the best results possible.

If you are too tired or busy to reply with an original response to any communication or messages you receive, then it’s best just to wait for a better time. Some online daters make the mistake of cutting and pasting their responses so they sound very canned and rehearsed. Most will be able to see right through this attempt to make things easier, and refuse to respond.

Try to make your responses as original as possible and use others as guides. Simply ask a few questions and respond to any that were asked of you. This will encourage a reply and avoid taking too much time out of your busy schedule. After all, if you’re too busy to respond to an electronic message, you’re probably too busy to be dating at all.

Also always maintain a positive and light attitude in your writings. No one wants to talk to someone who has a bad attitude or only talks about themselves. Make sure you’re not only sharing information about yourself, but also learning information about the other.

Just because online dating can involve casual sexual relationships, you should always avoid any comments that could be construed as harassing. If you and the other person are looking for a casual engagement, then this may be acceptable. Just ensure that you are both looking for the same type of relationship before risking being kicked off of your online dating site entirely.

Don’t ever lie about anything when online dating, either. Honesty is always the best policy. Lying only serves as a hurdle or damaging event to your relationship in the future. Being honest up front will avoid having to explain yourself later, and ensure the person you’ve connected with really feels a connection with you. Never lie about your age or physical appearance, history or your relationship status.

Also remember that though we all want an attractive partner, looks shouldn’t be the only thing you’re searching for. Don’t immediately discount someone because you don’t find them attractive at first. You never know what feelings could develop over time, so at least explore your options before turning them down.

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