Meeting Your Online Match in Person for the First Time

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After searching through tons of available connections, messaging and communicating to determine who may provide the best fit for you, you’ll decide at some point to meet each other in person. There are a few considerations that should help to ensure success during this meeting and afterward.

Simply due to the fact that you are meeting a complete stranger, you need to account for your own safety with a few precautions. Always choose to meet in a public place, but make sure you’ll still be able to hold a conversation with each other.

Don’t take your clothing for granted, either. Choose your classiest attire that is appropriate for the environment you’ll be meeting in. Dresses and suits may be ideal for dressier locations, but most will only call for a nice pair of slacks and button-up shirt or nice blouse.

Although long-term relationships are built on characteristics other than physical appearance, studies show this is largely what contributes to an initial attraction. Most likely, you have seen pictures of each other, but meeting in person will give you a better idea of what they really look like.

You may want to schedule your first meeting during the day for a wide range in choices of activities, as well as more opportunities to see the other person well. Daytime dates could allow for easier escapes if you determine early on that it’s not going to work, either. Daytime dates also give the impression of a less-serious meeting than one conducted at night; this helps you both to relax and actually enjoy yourselves.

Don’t overthink the meeting and stress about what activity you’ll actually take part in. Try to discuss your options with the other party, and choose a few different options that you both enjoy. This will allow for a backup plan if things don’t necessarily go as planned.

Although you want to seem natural and spontaneous, try to collect your thoughts and think of at least a few questions to ask the other. Also, have in mind a couple of interesting stories about yourself if you need an antidote to feel more comfortable.

When having a conversation with the other person, try to only ask questions or follow-ups that require more than one-word answers. This will allow you to actually learn about the other person and truly get to know them. You can choose a subject that you’ve already discussed via phone or the Internet; impress the other by making it quite evident you are aware of all the details and care about what they contributed to the conversation.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any good relationship, next to chemistry between two parties. Women generally want to feel a man is genuinely listening to what they have to say, and men want to feel a woman is genuinely interested in the subject matter. Ensuring you start the in-person meeting off on the right foot with friendly and engaging conversation is essential in the event it leads to a future meeting as well!

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