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If you’ve met that special someone and are wondering how to make him fall for you, there are some things you can do to continue to employ his interest and possibly encourage expanding your relationship. Unfortunately, there is no one way to ‘make’ him love you; you can only be yourself and hope for the best – no one wants to be with someone because they’re forced to be!

Always continue to be yourself and remain honest with your new man. There’s simply no use in pretending to like or dislike something just because he does; he’ll see right through this ploy eventually, and it’s not a healthy basis for a relationship.

Just be honest about what you do and don’t want to do. Pretending seems like deceitfulness, which will just make him run the other direction; men would rather have a disagreeing woman that is honest and confident in herself.

Don’t forget to love yourself, too. Remain confident and self-assured; these are the most attractive qualities that almost anyone could have. Don’t second-guess your opinions, and stop talking down about yourself. Think before the words ever leave your mouth.

Take care of your physical body, too. Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. You’ll end up feeling better and looking better, which always leads to healthier relationships. Men tend to be attracted to women who take care of themselves on a regular basis.

Have a life outside of the relationship. Pick up a new hobby or join a club, and don’t always be available for last-minute get-togethers. If you have other things that require your time and attention, he’ll be more likely to strive to catch it himself.

It’s also never attractive to criticize others and repeat nasty rumors. This only makes you look bad, and seems like you have a too-high opinion of yourself. Don’t make him feel sorry for the people you’re talking about in your conversations.

Always remember to kill him with kindness and admire what he does. Let him know you really like him as a friend, but don’t proclaim your undying love for him since you first met. Take it slow and let him be the first to come around. Stepping back and allowing his feelings to develop will ensure you’re not convincing him to love you. Simply continue to be yourself and just enjoy his company and getting to know him.

Choose something he does – whether it’s his career, volunteer activities or helping lost and sick animals, and let him know you admire it. Use the actual verb, and this will always score points. Men love to feel admired and needed, and are more likely to fall for the woman that is proud of her man.

Most men will run away as soon as they start to feel smothered or chased after. Make sure you let him do most of the chasing, but don’t hesitate to contact him or ask him out, either. Remember that if he’s online that he’s most likely looking for something serious, too.

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