How to Tell if You’re with Mr. Right

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If you’re party to a new relationship and very excited about the possibilities, you may be wondering whether he’s Mr. Right or simply Mr. Right Now. There are a few ways to tell if this guy is your soul mate: ‘The One’ and someone you’ll be able to spend the rest of your life with.

Chemistry is often what we experience at the first sight of someone we’re interested in. Do you remember where and when you met him? Did it just feel ‘right’ from the start? This feeling is much like when you meet someone you feel you’ve known forever and they are bound to be a great friend in the future.

Your intuition knows more than you do about what is needed to make it work. If you just feel that this person is right for you and the partnership works in every way possible, he may be Mr. Right.

Many people describe certain feelings when they meet their soul mate. This is totally different, however. Soul mates may be family members or very good friends; not necessarily Mr. Right for a lifelong bond. So, remember that even if intuition tells you it’s right, there may be other reasons for you to get to know him than to spend the rest of your life with him.

Synchronicity, or the phenomenon of events happening in a linked way although one is not caused by the other, is another indicator. Does everything feel as if it just works out and falls into place for the two of you? If you find it difficult to get together and it always seems it’s not working out, he may be the right one but it’s just the wrong time. If this is the case, it’s time to let him go and move on; if it’s meant to be, he’ll be back.

It’s also important to ensure your decisions are not made by love alone. How well do you really know this person? Will you be willing to be with him after all of the ‘lovey’ feelings pass by? It is quite possible to fall in and out of love with several people over a period of time, so don’t use this one indicator as a reason to spend the rest of your life with him.

Try to be objective about the two of you as a team. Do you have plenty in common, or are you really opposites? Although it’s possible to find someone like this that you’re attracted to, it really doesn’t usually work in the long term – your differences will eventually become a point of contention in the relationship.

Examine closely your backgrounds, education, religion and families to see if you are from ‘common stock.’ The more differences there are, the more troubles there are likely to be.

Finally, take things slow. If he’s Mr. Right, there’s simply no reason to hurry. Get to know each other better than you ever imagined before moving to the next step and planning your future together!

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