Always Stay Safe When Dating Online

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It’s never a good thing to be paranoid about everyone you meet in the online dating world, but some caution still needs to be employed to ensure your continued safety. Most of these meetings involve a near complete stranger, and you must realize you don’t know much about them before trusting them fully. Planning much of your date in advance can accommodate your safety concerns, as well as allow you to enjoy your self!

In the beginning of any relationship, we tend to fantasize about the long-term status of it and what may happen in the future for you. You take your first impressions of the other party and begin to imagine what he or she is truly like, even though you don’t really know them yet. This makes for a great and wonderful feeling toward them, but there are some ways to determine if they really are who you thought they were.

Usually, your first contact will be through email via the dating website. Later, after several communications, you will most likely talk on the phone many times. This allows you to match a voice to the photo you’ve seen online, and can provide some sense of confidence that you’re talking to a ‘real’ person. If the proposed match refuses to talk on the phone, you probably should not plan an in-person meeting!

After making the decision to plan a meeting, be sure to choose a public location in a safe part of the city. You’ll want it to be located in a populated area not too far from the main area of town. Also ensure it’s not too noisy, so that you can carry on a meaningful conversation with the other person. Just remember to stay alert and forego the alcohol so that you can detect any conflictions or qualities that don’t seem quite right.

Always arrange for your own transportation, and don’t ask your date to pick you up or drop you off. It’s best to keep your personal address a secret for now, until you’ve determined the person is definitely safe and trustworthy. Also, if you plan on using public transportation, try to use a source that your date is unlikely to use, and pick a meeting spot other than the entrance or exit to a bus or subway station.

For additional safety measures, make sure that at least two members of your family or group of friends know the times and locations of your meetings. Let them know how long you expect to be on the date, and plan a phone call to one of them so they know you’re safe. Set a specific time range for this call, and simply excuse yourself from the date to complete it.

Always keep your food and beverage close at hand; although most people are trustworthy, there are a few bad apples who may try to drug these before consumption. This is another reason to steer clear of the alcohol; you’ll want to keep your head clear to stay aware. Finally, if you determine the other person is most likely up to something or making you uncomfortable, simply leave early.

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