Winning Your Ex Wife Back

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If you have realized what a doofus you’ve been and want to win your ex wife back, you have some work ahead of you. There are special considerations to be held if you completely finalized a divorce already, and there were absolutely valid reasons for the two of you to split up. If you’re already divorced, you obviously both felt at some point that there was no reason to make it work anymore, so don’t completely throw those reasons out the window.

No matter the situation, it is still possible to win your ex wife back. It will require some effort, as you’ll have to discover some way to remind her of why she first fell for you and agreed to marry you. Your divorce may be a result of poor communication between the two of you, leading to a lack of trust and support versus a really bad condition that is irreconcilable.

You first need to be very honest with yourself and realize your mistakes and faults, then own up to them. Be willing to change them if they contributed to your failed marriage, and begin to let her know this. Showing her that you want to initiate effective communication with her and support her as a husband should may spark the same efforts on her part, too. Making your relationship with her a #1 priority may make her willing to jump and give you a second chance.

You’ll first want to try to get together with her or take her out to dinner, but this might take some work if she doesn’t readily comply. Most women, especially if you’re already divorced, won’t simply come running back and jump into your arms immediately. She may even be hard to read after going out with her, but you should continue to gently prod her and let her know that you love her and are making the necessary changes in your life to win her back.

When it comes to exes, sometimes it’s a good idea to become busy with an active social life and new friends. This may be a good method when trying to win back an ex girlfriend, but not necessarily an ex wife. Yes, you should be social, but don’t date any other women – this will only make your efforts seem like they are not genuine. Make your ex wife feel as if she’s the only woman in your life, without pushing her too hard to make a decision quickly to get back together with you.

Always have a positive attitude when you’re with your ex wife, too. Don’t discuss the negative aspects of your relationship or the fact that you hated it when she flossed in the bedroom. Of course, you’ll need to discuss the reasons you broke up in the first place at some point, but this does not need to become an argument or displeasing discussion; simply own up to your mistakes and start showing her how you’ve changed.

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