Do’s and Don’ts When Trying to Win Your Ex Back

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The first step to trying to win an ex back and mend the relationship is taking a serious look at the reasons you split up in the first place. If the damage is repairable, it may be worth the effort to go ahead with your attempts. If not, it’s time to accept reality and move on.

After deciding whether getting back together is truly possible, there are some do’s and don’ts you needs to follow during the process. You always need to present yourself in a way to intrigue your ex and remind them why they loved you in the first place, but remember not to smother them!

Nothing is a bigger turn off than seeming desperate and stalking your ex. It’s just plain weird to follow them everywhere, call them constantly and try to see them at their place of work or by contacting their friends. This is not natural, and will most likely result in a restraining order against you – definitely not a great way to win your ex back!

Don’t allow yourself to stick your head in the sand after a break-up and start to feel sorry for your current state of singledom. This will only make you unattractive and much simpler for your ex to move on to more interesting possibilities. Enjoying your life and staying active is a sure way to remain attractive to your ex.

Remember to keep in touch only on occasion with your ex, too. Just send a quick ‘hello’ via email or text to ask how they are doing. They will see that you are not completely shut off from the possibility of getting back together, and your memory will remain fresh with them.

However, let your ex take the lead and decide how fast to move with any communications or movements toward a reconciliation. If you are self confident about your abilities and continue on with your life normally, you are far more likely to win your ex back.

If they feel they’re missing out on something or that they want to be involved in your life again, it may very well be them that tries to get back together with you. This will only make them think the idea was theirs in the first place, and you stand to benefit from this belief.

Refraining from seeming desperate and continuing on with your life as normally as possible will only make you more appealing to your ex. They may even wonder why it is that you’re able to continue without them, making them second-guess their decision to leave in the first place.

Do make every effort to remedy any behavior or habit that led to the break-up, and continue to effectively communicate with your ex about your current life. Do not make any attempts to contact your ex until you know you’re prepared to deal with the situation correctly. Otherwise, you risk seeming desperate and scaring them off for good.

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